Doctoral Thesis
Chau, C. (2014). Positive Technological development for Young Children in the Context of Children’s Mobile Apps. Dissertation Abstract International, 75, 10(E). ISBN: 9781303986192.

This dissertation examines the extent to which children’s tablet software applications, commonly called apps, are designed appropriately to promote the optimal development of preschool children aged three to five. This study extends previous research, particularly the theoretical frameworks of developmentally appropriate practices and Bers’ positive technological development. The researcher argues that, for children’s mobile apps to be developmentally meaningful, they need to satisfy three conditions: (1) apps must be designed appropriately to accommodate the developmental stages and needs of young children; (2) content must be designed to promote young children’s development in the areas of cognition, academic skills, social-emotional skills, and physical development; and (3) digital interactions engage children in activities and behaviors that foster optimal developmental assets. A content and design analysis of 100 children’s apps from the Apple’s App Store underscores a lack of quality in children's mobile apps for promoting positive development.

Master’s Thesis
Chau, C. (2006). Associations between online civic engagement and personal technological characteristics among college students. Masters Thesis Abstract International, AAT 1436328.

This thesis explores the association between online civic engagement and various technological characteristics among college students. In particular, this study applies the positive youth development framework to examine a) how college students differ in their uses of the Internet for pro-social purposes, and b) how these differences might be associated with variations in their technological experiences and their attitudes about technology. Results show that online civic engagement among the eight-five college students in the study can be described in terms of three underlying constructs interpreted as perceived technological efficacy, social uses of technology, and technological contribution. Variations in these characteristics are associated with the extent to which participants use online technologies for civic and pro-social purposes.


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